Being able to export a shipment out of Pakistan is not very useful if that shipment ends up detained or destroyed by the Customs of the importing country. In this core module, participants will learn the fundamentals of complying with importing country regulations, including both mandatory and voluntary (buyer) standards, Rules of Origin, and the various documents required to evidence compliance with them. Here, participants will be given the tools to identify the standards and regulations required for their own products and export market(s), in order to enable them to take the necessary steps to modify their production accordingly.

Once participants have completed this core module, they will be able to:

Identify the main sources of information for market access requirements for exporters;
Assess the impact of Rules of Origin on their international trade arrangements and identify the documents necessary to prove compliance with them; and
Evaluate the main voluntary (buyer) requirements in their target market(s), as well as the advantages and costs of complying with these.

NOTE: We recommend using the latest version of the Chrome or Safari browsers to ensure an optimal experience viewing the lectures.


This core module includes the following sub-modules:
  • Module 5: Understanding Mandatory Market Access Conditions Imposed by Importing Countries
  • Module 6: Understanding Pakistan’s Trade Agreements & The Importance of Rules of Origin
  • Module 7: Complying with Buyer Requirements, Standards, And Voluntary Adoption of Standards

Please note that in order to access any of the sub-modules above, you need to enrol to the core module.